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About Ayesha Arshad

Starting her professional journey as an Educationist and later on moving to the world of corporate as a Human Resource professional, Ayesha found the unique perception of each individual deeply fascinating. She did her BBA (Hons.) and later pursued her M.Phil. ELM (Educational Leadership and Management) from renowned institutions. She has a strong conviction that whether one is a student or an employee, their overall wellbeing is the foundation for how well they perform in multiple aspects of life. After undergoing a major spinal surgical intervention and going through several other challenges in her personal and professional life, she has developed a strong connection to the world of spirituality. She has worked as a diversified professional in both, industry and academia, but found her true calling as a Trainer and NLP Life Coach. Her life has revolved around the concepts of self-determination and gratitude.

Unlock Your Potential with Ayesha: Your NLP Guide to Goal Triumphs!

Hey there, I’m Ayesha, your NLP Practitioner, and I’m all about turning your goals into triumphs! With my knack for Natural Language Processing, I’ll fine-tune your communication game, making every word count. Let’s not just set goals; let’s dive into the why and how behind them. I’ll guide you through challenges, transforming them into exciting steps on your path to success. Ready for a journey where every word brings you closer to your dreams? Let’s make it happen!

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