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I am a certified NLP Master Life Coach from the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and a Time Line Therapy Interventionist via Time Line Therapy Association (TLTA). My core intention is to assist you in achieving positive breakthroughs and live a more empowered life. My sessions and programs involve the art of healing, where you can unlearn your limiting beliefs; and eliminate the decisions that limit you at the forefront. I am here to provide you a helping hand through nooks and crannies of your life. If you want to progress and develop new empowering beliefs, connect with me.

I am currently working as a HR Professional who believes in inculcating positive change throughout any set-up I am a part of. Did I also mention that I have also worked as an Educationist? (Thought that would be an interesting fact!) I design customized, progressive educational curriculums for parents willing to homeschool their teens. For adults, I deliver interactive educational sessions on various themes.

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I am committed to facilitate anyone stuck in the vicious cycle of turmoil that precludes them from living an empowered and fulfilled life. I intend to coach individuals who want to be themselves, reflect and own their life’s actions and take complete responsibility of proclaiming their hidden potential. I provide you the tools required to educate yourself in an unconventional way, unleash the power of your unconscious mind, promote emotional well-being, break free from limiting beliefs, enhance efficiency in performance, and work to live without limitations. I work on my clients’ personal development and spiritual elevation by connecting them to the source and live a content and harmonious life.

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